Christians should support evangelism-Dr Frimpong-Manso

Accra, Nov. 5, GNA – The Right Reverend Dr Yaw Frimpong-Manso, outgoing Chairman of the Ghana Evangelism Committee (GEC), on Friday appealed to Christians not to be concerned with putting up church buildings and rather channel more resources into evangelism. This, he said, is one of the best means of winning more souls for Christ and the Kingdom of God.

“Churches spend a lot of time, energy and money on building infrastructure and providing social services but little time, money and energy is vested in evangelism, discipleship and church growth,” he said.

Speaking during the Annual General Meeting of the GEC in Accra, he urged churches and other Christian organisations to take serious measures to address the situation. Rev Frimpong-Manso, who is the outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, attributed the high rate of indiscipline, crime, immorality and waywardness in the society to the inability of churches to spread the gospel.

“Evangelism should, therefore, be the heartbeat of every living church towards the fulfilment of the divine mandate as expressed in the Great Commission of Jesus to His church,” he said. Dr Frimpong-Manso asked churches to endeavour to grow functionally, quantitatively and spiritually so as to have a positive impact in the dissemination of the Gospel.

The GEC is a non-denominational organisation which serves as a platform to give assistance to churches and Christian organisations in the country to propagate the Gospel.

The Reverend Robert Dentu, National Director of GEC, cited insufficient funds in support of the committee’s studies, inadequate personnel and vehicles for field work and delays in the completion and return of survey forms by some churches as some of the challenges facing the body.

He expressed his appreciation to the Church of Pentecost, Word Miracle Church, Global Evangelical Church and Assemblies of God Church for their assistance to the GEC.

Rev Dentu appealed to churches to give all the needed assistance to the committee to win more souls for Christ.

“GEC, which was established in 1974 but had been off the scene, is back and I will urge you all to give it the needed assistance so that it can stand and win more souls for Christ,” he stressed.

Rev Dentu expressed his appreciation to the churches, which had made numerous contributions towards the growth of the Lausanne Movement in its quest to win more souls for Christ worldwide. The Lausanne movement was founded by the world renowned Evangelist, Billy Graham, to strengthen evangelical belief in the authority of the Bible as God’s word and to reawaken churches’ evangelical responsibilities.

He urged members of Lausanne Ghana to visit www.laussane.org for information on the activities of the movement.

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