Open Air Evangelistic Outreach

The Mission was climaxed by a three-day evangelistic open air campaign. Rev. Dr. Seth Ablorh (Founder, Manna Mission Inc.) was the main speaker. Rev. Ablorh speaks the native language of the people in the Bukom community and it was a plus for the mission. The first day of the crusade, recorded a total attendance of 1,216 and by the grace of God, 162 people gave their lives to Christ and 30 people rededicated themselves to the Lord. The second day recorded a significant attendance of 1,712 and 146 souls responded to the gospel.

The third and final day of the crusade saw 1,322 people in attendance with 115 souls giving their lives to Christ and about 100 rededicating themselves to God. Rev. Seth Ablorh was grateful to God, Mission Africa and African Enterprise for the opportunity given him to share the gospel with his own people. Some who were sick and prayed for, testified to how the Lord had ministered healing to their lives.

The Team Leader, Rev. Samuel Osei Asante prayed for God’s blessing for the community at the last day of the Crusade. The Projects Manager for African Enterprise, Rev. Bernard Owusu Sachie with the assistance of some Pastors and Counselors, distributed gospel tracts and Everyone Wants Answers to the new converts each day.

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