National Congress on Evangelism for Church Leaders Launched

Accra, Dec. 9, GNA – Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, Moderator of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Ghana, on Friday launched the National Congress on Evangelism (NACOE 2012) for all church leaders in the country.

NACOE 2012 is a project being organized by the Ghana Evangelism Committee (GEC) in partnership with all Christian leaders in the country, churches, para-church organizations, and the Lausanne Movement, a Christian movement based in South Africa.

Rt-Rev. Professor Martey noted that NACOE 2012 would bring together 2,000 participants from all churches in the country for deliberation on moving the gospel forward at the Pentecost University College at Sowutoum, Accra, from July 23-28, 2012

He explained that NACOE 2012 would help analyze how to reposition the Church to bring about the enormous revival that would sweep the nation with the gospel, how to resource churches to engage in discipleship, and create an environment of mutual unity, cooperation, and understanding among churches.

Rt-Rev Martey said: “NACOE 2012 would also discuss how the Church could be revived to consciously intercede and pray for itself and the nation and also how to lead in the transformation of the African continent.

“Critical issues affecting churches, Christianity, preaching of the gospel of Christ and the nation would be addressed at the conference.”

Rev. Robert Dentu, National Director of GEC, called on churches in the country to spread the good news.

He said: “Available statistics indicate that Christianity in Ghana constitutes a large chunk of our population ranging between 62 to 65 percent with an annual growth of 2.8 percent”.

Rev. Dentu cited the increasing number of clergy and Christian leaders, beautiful church auditoriums, numerous Christian universities, Bible Colleges, and institutions as God’s blessings and faithfulness to the Church.

He said: “Indeed, most Ghanaian churches have external branches, which is a very healthy adventure as the gospel is made to penetrate the globe”.

Rev, Dentu asked Christendom to address issues of the proliferation of churches and the emergence of self-styled and self-appointed ‘men of God ’ parading with dangerous prophecies and doctrines.

“The rest are the global secularism that seems to wipe away the youth of our land, the theology of prosperity, materialism, and blessing that is being over-preached whilst the teaching of holiness and virtues continue to be relegated to the background, “he said.

Rev. Dentu asked churches in the country to lead the crusade of national and African evangelism in order to seek the righteousness of their members.

He called for a reduction in tea conferences, luxurious decorations in church auditoriums, and the use of expensive vehicles, and rather mobilized more funds for evangelism.

Rev. Dentu said the GEC had by prophetic mandate instituted a new prayer initiative dubbed: “All Ministers Day of Prayer” to bring churches together to pray for the peace of the nation in the wake of the numerous political and ethnic conflicts that had plagued Africa.


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